Furniture Storage Distribution Mounting and After-sales Technical Services



Logismart keeps close track of developing storage technologies in order to be able to provide its customers with high-quality and cost-effective solutions and adapts various automation solutions into its solution processes. It both enhances productivity with the methods it has developed accordingly and becomes able to manage the daily changes in demands in a more flexible and cheaper way.

Product acceptance, addressing, collecting and loading are carried out through RF terminals in all our stores and products can be monitored with the warehouse management system. All our warehouses are designed on shelf- and address-based storage system and varying solutions are used depending on the requirements of customers and projects. We serve the sector with our experienced personnel, equipment investment and information technologies infrastructure.

  • Goods acceptance and quality control
  • Storing and inventory management
  • Inventory checks on the basis of FIFO, LIFO, LOT, serial number, manufacturing date and expiry date
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Return logistics management
  • Annual and seasonal counts of inventory
  • Value-added storing services
  • Integration to ERP and other similar systems


Logismart keeps track of all distribution operations in the electronic environment with its specialist personnel and provides its customers with real-time information about every stage of distribution services and it instantly sends information and delivery reports.
As for its Distributions services, LogiSmart asks no limitation in volume or weight within the legal framework and it continuously develops its information systems and distribution infrastructure with the principle of generating customized solutions for its customers.

  • Agency & End User Deliveries
  • Online Order Tracking
  • Electronic Signature
  • Online Document Archiving
  • Online Package and Barcode Tracking
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Same-Day Delivery
  • Return Management
  • Cash on Delivery


With its technical personnel specialized in furniture mounting, LogiSmart offers comprehensive solutions for the mounting of furniture in any quality.
Along with professional competency, LogiSmart is specialized in the fields of customer communication and brand representation to offer smart solutions in mounting services.

  • Online Delivery Result
  • Online Problematic delivery information
  • Online Problematic product/Part identification and spare part request
  • Electronic Signature
  • Identification and reporting of chronic and repeating faults
  • Corrective and preventive measures reports to Manufacturing and delivery departments


With its strong technical infrastructure and industrial knowledge, LogiSmart offers after-sales technical support to brands throughout the warranty period.
It offers a strong after-sales support and top-level service experience with maintenance, repair and renovation services that cover the entire product portfolio.

  • Problematic delivery and Tracking of the Complaints within Warranty Coverage
  • Spare Part Stock Tracking
  • Service management that conforms to standards
  • Maintenance and care, renovation and repair services
  • Appointment and Communication Management