Human Resources Policy


Being well aware that generation of smart and high-quality solutions for its customers is its main responsibility, LogiSmart believes that success and effective use of resources could only be achieved through honest, qualified and contented human resources.

Logismart’s personnel act in accordance with the 4 main principles of the company and they undertake to stay loyal to these principles.


  • We quickly respond to customer requests.
  • We analyze complaints and generate solutions.
  • We establish long-term relationships with a trust-based policy.
  • We continuously think about and design for high-quality service and we stand by our customers in any case.
  • We analyze processes and make improvements.


  • We assess all cases with an objective viewpoint.
  • We are interested in technological advancements and we observe our environment.
  • We investigate, discuss and analyze.
  • We make requests for learning and developmental needs.
  • We learn from our mistakes and we take responsibilities.


  • We adopt the principles of honesty, openness, trust and respect in our relationships.
  • We pay regard to any idea and we support joint resolutions.
  • We exchange information and cooperate with our team.
  • We establish empath with our team and offer help whenever needed.
  • We tolerate differences and come to a mutual understanding.


  • We work hard to succeed.
  • We don’t give up when there are obstacles.
  • We find different solutions for challenging objectives.
  • We use time and resources efficiently.
  • We focus on solutions rather than the problems.
  • We use technology to reach to fruition.