Quality Manifest

We aim to be a company making a difference for the customers with effective, innovative and sector-wide value-added solutions and thus, to enhance our quality and competitive edge in a measurable manner.

We aim to bring our company to a valuable partner position thanks to our customer-oriented thinking and operational skills.

LogiSmart keeps track of new technological advancements and smart logistics concepts. With all our personnel, we work in a reliable and willing manner to find the best possible solution for our customers.

Thanks to our personnel’s skills and desire to learn, we enhance our customers’ competitive edge and help them become successful with the advantage brought by quality service.

Our Principles

Resolution and Entrepreneurship for Innovation

Every member of LOGISMART team supports the tasks of specialty, creativeness, devotion and entrepreneurship.

The team acts with the principle that; only personnel who see themselves as a partner entrepreneur can design smart logistics with effective logistics solutions and processes and can help their customers benefit from such.

Inclusive Responsibility

We dedicate ourselves to become a “part of the whole” in all our operations and we take all regions and disciplines into consideration.


As a company, we are well-aware of our economic, environmental and social responsibilities. Therefore, we not only stay deeply loyal to our sustainable corporate policy but we also act in line with that.

Integrity and Honesty

LogiSmart’s personnel reflect the corporate culture on their daily activities. They have adopted the principle of being honest, open, reliable and respectful in relations with their colleagues, customers and immediate circle.